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Sunday, January 19, 2014
Legion 813 To Host “Celebration”, March 1st and 2nd
Not many of you are familiar with the Moose Legion. You may have heard of it, but do not know what it is or what we do.
The Moose Legion was originally formed 100 year ago for the purpose of raising one million dollars, the money used to break ground to start the building of Mooseheart.
The Moose Legion is the 2nd degree of the Loyal Order of Moose. It is followed by the 3rd Degree, the Fellowship Degree, and the 4th Degree, the Pilgrim Degree.
The 2nd Degree, known as the Moose Legion is called the “Degree of Service”. And that is exactly what we do...Serve. The leaders of the Lodge, your Officers are all Moose Legionnaires. They started by wanting to volunteer, to help the Lodge. They probably became a Trustee shortly after, and became an officer, and became even more involved. They wear a maroon blazer or maroon collared polo shirt.
After a minimum of five years of service, but usually 7-10 years, or longer, a Moose Legionnaire may be elevated to the Fellowship Degree, wearing the French blue blazer or French blue collared shirt.
After a minimum of 10 years but typically 15+ years, a Fellow may be raised to the Pilgrim Degree, the highest of our order. By this time a Pilgrim would have held multiple Lodge, District, and/or State offices. Pilgrims wear the gold blazer or gold collared shirt.
It is our “Celebrations” that this whole process begins. It is at our celebration where Moose members who choose to do more for their Lodge become Moose Legionnaires.
Moose Legion 813 is part of Thunderbolt 201. Thunderbolt 201 has 17 Moose Legions in it, all the way to Winter Haven, to Lake Placid, Sebring, and down to Anna Marie Island.
There are four celebrations held every year, all held at various Lodges. Ruskin will be holding the next celebration, over the weekend of March 1st and 2nd. During this weekend you will see a lot of new faces from other Lodges.
We will start off with a golf tournament on Saturday morning, lunch and dinner Saturday, breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Their will be special activities in the Pavilion on Saturday. The actual ceremony and ritual of the new Moose Legionnaires takes place on Sunday around noon.
We hope you welcome all of our visitors over this weekend and take part in all of our activities. It will be a great opportunity for you to get more familiar with the Moose Legion.
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Administrator's Message
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Hello again everyone, I hope you all had a safe and happy Holiday season and are ready for a great 2014 here at the Ruskin Moose. The Thanksgiving Dinner was a great success and the food was excellent. A huge thank you goes out to Jr. Governor Craig Kitson and his family for making it happen, The WOTM Christmas Show was once again a big hit and the dinner and entertainment was enjoyed by a packed house. Senior Regent Kim Mullins and her "cast of thousands" put in many hours of rehearsal time to make it happen. Thanks, Kim. As of this writing, the Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve festivities haven't happened yet, but I'm sure all who attend won't be disappointed. 

As you have probably noticed if you visit the Social Quarters at all, most of our Northern friends are already back in town and enjoying the hospitality and camaraderie of the Lodge. Chicken wing and fish night are enjoying large crowds, the Euchre Club has grown to three afternoons weekly and the daytime activity has shown a marked increase.

By now, I hope most of you have seen and approve of the new stackable chairs the Lodge has purchased to replace the aging folding chairs in both the meeting/dining hall and the Social Quarters. The new chairs are much easier to store and move around when we have a special event. The old chairs have been offered for sale to the membership at $5 each or $20 for five. Those unsold will be donated to other not-for- profit organizations in the area.
The Board of Officers is always looking to improve the appearance and safety aspects of the Lodge, and any positive input or ideas are welcome. One of the next items being considered is the paving of the gravel parking lot. Naturally, this almost certainly won't be undertaken until the business slows down again in the summer season.

This will be the final Newsletter until March at the earliest, so I would like to remind everyone about the April Officer election. The Nominating Committee to elect new Officers will begin meeting in March to come up with a slate of nominees for the April election. If you have the time to devote, and the inclination to become more involved at the Lodge, please consider submitting your name to the  Committee. Any member in good standing is eligible to be considered. and your participation will be appreciated.

Fraternally, Bob Conti,

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